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Nice to Meet you.


Nice to Meet you.


I am (in no particular order) a WordPress web designer, “retired” preservation engineer, Maine innkeeper, dog lover, wife, nonprofit board member, bookworm, and a mom. You know, just a little bit of everything.

Below are some things you might want to know about me. If any of it resonates with you I would love to connect. Book a Call with Me.


Empowering your nonprofit with a sophisticated and straightforward website to further your cause and better reach your supporters.



You should feel confident that your website is serving you and your mission. It is a priority for me to make that happen. When the project is complete I provide tutorials to empower you & your team to make future updates. I also provide long-term support so you know your website is always in good hands

Respect &


I believe that the world is a better place when everyone is included and respected, no matter their ethnic nor cultural background, skin color, sexual orientation, or gender identity. I bring this value into how I communicate with your team as well as every website I design.



When we work together, I don’t just write the code. I cosign your mission & design a website with you and your organization.  I value your passion for your mission and craft a well-thought-out website design that will support and increase the impact of your work.


The Basics

Where are you From: Binghamton, New York

Where do you live: Fryeburg, Maine

Family Life: Married to Mike. We have one daughter & a bulldog pointer mix

the details

I went to college for civil/structural engineering at Clarkson University and received a Master’s degree in Conservation of Historic Buildings from the University of Bath in England.  After school, I started working as a preservation engineer, doing structural engineering design for historic and existing buildings, for a small engineering firm in Salem, Massachusetts.

In August 2019, the family moved from the Boston area to Fryeburg, Maine where my husband grew up.  After we purchased our Maine bed and breakfast, I designed and developed our new website using WordPress. I found the whole process fun and felt very accomplished. In the back of my mind I thought it would be something I would enjoy doing more. 

I loved working as a preservation engineer and was able to walk through some pretty incredible buildings that the public can’t access. But as they say, nothing stays the same, and after 14 years I decided it was time to try something new. 

Through my preservation network, I found about the nonprofit Women in Restoration & Engineering. I reached out to the founder and a few months after the first event in Chicago, I was hosting the 2nd WiRE event in Boston. When it was time to get a new website, it was difficult to find someone to work with who had the experience we needed with both website designs and understanding nonprofits. When we did start working with someone, it turned out it wasn’t as clear cut as we thought it should be and there were a lot of headaches before we got the site we wanted.

I know how frustrating it can be to finally be ready to invest in a new website to further your mission but not find someone who is not only a good fit but has experience with nonprofits.

I would LOVE to hear all about your passion to bring more good to the world and your website needs. 


Probaby Not! Hover on the image to reveal some fun facts about me.

I surveyed an abandon 1880’s phsych hospital

I spent 3 days cage diving with great white sharks

I have played ice hockey for over 20 years. I like to think I am good at it.

This Brown Bear, aka Grizley, popped up behind us in Alaska.

Did that remind anyone else of the icebreaker game 3 truths and a lie?
If you have had similar experiences I would love to hear about them.