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Straightforward Web Development for Nonprofits

Empower your nonprofit with a new website to further your cause and better reach your supporters.

Your website and mission is IMPORTANT TO ME

I prioritize EMPOWERING your organization with a new website that converts visitors to your website into donors, supporters, and members, and SUPPORTING you with tutorials so you can rely on your own team for future updates.

I RESPECT your organization and all of your team. I know everyone has value and look forward to INCLUDING all of your team members in the design process no matter their race, sex, or religion.

Your time is a VALUABLE resource and should be applied to your area of expertise. To that end, I strive to be EFFICIENT not just in my work but also in the design of your website.

Years as a Board Member of the Nonprofits Historic Salem and Women in Restoration & Engineering taught me the goals of a nonprofit and how they are run.

Being WiRE’s designated techie started my excitement for designing websites


I would love to find out. Book a call with me. I love to hear about all the good that nonprofits are doing to better the world, even if we aren’t the right fit.